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Hannah and Matt were married on the Saturday 3rd of December 2016 at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford. Hannah hired our team to come on board and help with some styling advice, help book any vendors she had not yet found, some planning assistance and then on the day set up and coordination.

Hannah already had the foundations of a great wedding before we were booked to help…with Jo Betz booked as her celebrant – you always know your in good hands and the ceremony will be light and fun, Baker Boys for her band – always a hit, Prunella for the florals whom will make any room look magical and are so so talented, Cam Grove for their photos which as you can see were awesome… and C2 for their film!

We came on board to help with the final touches of styling finding the linen from Event Art, festoon lighting,furniture for ceremony and reception from Memphis Hire, creating a classic feel in the post ceremony atrium which has more of a modern edgy feel, Creating a seating plan for her with Chalkboard Nation, help with the champagne tower booking and the booking of Espresso Martini’s through Mr B!

We then helped with guidance on the running order of the day, items she may need or not need for the day, contacted all her vendors with the info they required, communicated schedules and info with the venue and then we were there on the day to coordinate all vendors and help set everything up!

But most importantly meet and help Hannah down the aisle and help coordinate the day of their dreams!

It really was such a beautiful day and Hannah looked so gorgeous. Everyone was so happy to see Hannah and Matt wed and the day ran very smoothly. We loved being a part of this one :-)


Review from bride:


Sharing a beautiful review from our couple Hannah and Matt from December 2016: “Since our wedding we have had two different sets of friends get engaged, the very first thing I did was give them Cara’s details!

As we planned our wedding from Interstate it was invaluable having Cara and her team beside us to guide us and offer advice.  I wanted my day to be authentic, to genuinely be a celebration and that no family members or friends were needed for set up or pack down.  I wanted everyone to walk in, and enjoy the day alongside us.  This is exactly what happened!  Matthew and I, and especially Mum adored working with her (it never felt like work!) and on a day when the stress of over a year of planning could really have affected me (and Mum!) – We didn’t worry about a single thing.

It was so special to be able to share the day with a professional like Cara, who wasn’t just assisting in organizing day but who also felt like part of the family and shared in the joy of it all!  Cara and her team planned the event down to the minute, all my vendors were coordinated through her on the day, no task was too big or too small and it all went off without a hitch.  Our wedding day was the amazing day it was because of Cara and her team, I only wish we could go back and do it all over again!  Xxxx




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